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2019 All Star Game Photos

2019 League Information: 

2019 Parkway League Rules

Changes from last year:

1. 08U, 10U and 12U will have National (B) divisions split in half. We expect that, for 12U, those divisions will be of roughly equal playing level. For 08U and 10U, we will have an upper and lower tier of National teams.

2. The regular season double headers for the older teams were wildly unpopular last year, and have been discontinued.

3. The High School division is small, and the kids have serious school obligations in June. We will start the schedule a week after the other age levels, and the playoffs will also start later.

4. We have added an additional all-star game for 08U, so each of the three levels of play will have its own all-star game.

5. While we will continue to have a CONCENTRATION of games on certain nights of the week, the use of blackout dates and the July 4 week make it unrealistic to expect that you can have a set schedule each week, and still play 10 regular season games in five weeks. This is summer softball, and the teams need to be prepared to play Monday - Friday.

6. That being the case, we will allow a maximum of three blackout dates. However, it is your obligation to use those dates for all dates you will not be able to field a team, whatever day of the week that might occur on. For example, if you have entered tournaments, it would make sense to black out the Friday of those tournament weekends. It is the obligation of the local program and coaches to reach out as soon as they have a roster to find serious conflict nights, and black them out. Please remember that ALL teams will continue to make the playoffs, so limit your blackout dates to days when you truly cannot field a team - NOT days when you won't have your number one pitcher or the head coach finds it inconvenient to be there.

7. The changes in the league last year - playoffs for all, more all-star games, t-shirts for the older girls - and the changes introduced this year - additional divisions for 08U, 10U and 12U - resulted in dramatic cost increases that were not properly calculated last year. The registration cost will be significantly - although not dramatically - higher. The umpire assigning fee has been eliminated, as it is no longer necessary, now that District 2 is running the league.

8. The single site idea for the semis and finals was an utter disaster, and won't be repeated. The highest-seeded team with appropriate fields will have the right of first refusal for the semis / finals.

The cost for registration will be $250 per team. Teams who are not already registered with USA Softball will also need to pay the $40 USA Softball team registration fee.


8U - $45; 10U/12U - $50; 14U/HS - [email protected]$50 each

Key Dates:

Monday, May 20: All rosters, evaluation forms, checks for payment in full, blackout dates, certificates of insurance and field surveys MUST have been received by me for your team to participate. There will be no exceptions to this, because the deadlines are much too tight to allow for exceptions. Please note: Submission of birth certificates is NOT required, as explained below. As with tournament play, it is always prudent to carry a folder with a copy of BCs, should a player be challenged.


Programs still carrying a balance with District 2 from 2018 will not be permitted to register. I will let you know, with a fresh invoice, who is affected by this.


ROSTERS: These MUST include the following to be accepted, as they are key instruments in helping us set the proper playing level for your team:

1. Name, Town, DOB, all teams played on last summer and fall (including club if applicable), those teams' age designations and leagues, and whether the listed player is a pitcher.


EVALUATION FORMS: These are attached. They are self-explanatory, and need to be accurate and detailed as to each team. Evaluation forms are not needed for HS teams, as there is only one division.

Note - While we will consider (in addition to the evaluation forms and detailed roster info) your input as to whether a team should be playing A or B, (or upper / lower B where appropriate), that decision ultimately is with the Competition Committee of the Board. Obviously, if you want your team playing A, that's the end of it, the team plays A. This approach is much closer to the hard line taken by our D2 Fall League. If we designate you as an A team, we'll certainly listen to your appeal, and discuss that with the committee - as we do with the D2 Fall League. But ultimately we will decide, as we have the data for ALL the teams, which you do not.

Registration cost for all teams, all age groups:

$250 per team - Please forward one check for all teams from your organization, @ $250 per team, made to ASA District 2, and mailed to (or dropped off at): ASA District 2, i/c/o Keith Hoffman, 360 Retford Ave, Cranford, NJ, 07016


Team Registration for all teams, all age groups: If your team is not already registered with me or Mike Warner (local /state commissioners for USA Softball NJ)

$40 per team

There will be no exceptions. Merely being insured by RPS Bollinger does not necessarily mean your team is properly registered already. If I don't have the registration, and Mike doesn't have the registration, you are not registered.

BLACKOUT DATES: This is the area where there is a very clear sense from the board that we must continue our aggressive approach to scheduling. This league is not run for the convenience of local parents. It's run so girls get a chance to play Rec All-Star ball in the summer. All teams and parents need to buy into this. If they do not, maybe summer softball is just not for them.

Each team will be allowed to give THREE BLACKOUT DATES (days when their team cannot be scheduled). These must be received by May 20, when the rest of the materials are handed in. After schedules are set - incorporating the blackout dates that teams submitted - THERE WILL BE NO SCHEDULE CHANGES ALLOWED. Although we will continue to have "concentration" dates - Mondays and Wednesdays for 10s and 14s, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 12s and HS - your teams must be prepared to play every weeknight, and your blackout dates need to reflect this. 08U teams must be prepared to play every night of the week, but will have a heavier concentration on Fridays.

INSURANCE: On the COI, you need to name USA Softball NJ, District 2 as an additional insured. This is not a big deal, and your insurer will not charge you for it.

FIELD SURVEYS: We need a listing of all the fields you have access to, or might have access to, and whether those fields are lit. We also need to know days when those fields are NOT available, so we can schedule your teams away that day or days.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES - You will no longer be required to submit birth certificates. Your submission of a roster with appropriate DOBs will serve as certification that you are not using illegal players. The fact is, it is no great feat to falsify a photocopied, scanned and emailed birth certificate. Anyone crazy enough to use an illegal player is crazy enough to falsify a BC. Should any town use an illegal player, and this comes to light, there will of course be serious consequences. Coaches should always carry a game folder with BCs, just as they do at tournaments, should there ever be a challenge.

On to the next key date:

Monday 6/3: This will be the date for the traditional scheduling meeting, during which we will break up into groups with your administrator. This will not be a date for accepting rosters, accepting payment, accepting payment for team registration or anything of the sort. That will all have been done by May 20. You will get your 2019 USA Softball rules books, your 2019 USA Softball scorebooks. Your schedules will be release in Arbiter that day.

Monday 6/10: Play begins for all age groups except for HS.

Monday 6/17: Play begins for HS

Monday July 1 (Rain date, Tuesday July 2)

All-Star games. We will have All-Star games for the 8U (3 games, one for each division); 10U, A and B; 12U, A and B; 14U - (either one or two games, depending on how many teams we have overall.); and HS, one game

There will be regular season games Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the July 4 week. There will not be games scheduled on Thursday July 4 or Friday July 5.

Wednesday July 17 - Playoffs begin for 08U, 10U, 12U, 14U

Monday July 22 - Playoffs begin for HS

Wednesday July 31 - The outside edge possibility of when playoffs conclude.


Every team at every level of every age group will be seeded into the playoffs. The scheduling of these playoffs will be EXTREMELY aggressive, and will likely employ double-headers during the week at lighted facilities.

Umpire payment for the playoffs:

The league will pay for umpires and provide balls for the semi-finals and finals at all age levels. However, for all rounds before that, the teams playing will be responsible for splitting the cost of umpires and each providing game balls.  To be prudent, I would figure the cost of two playoff games into my team budget beforehand.


A player in the 8U, 10U, or 12U division must ordinarily represent the town she lives in. However, she may seek an exception to play for the town where she plays recreation ball, or the town in which she goes to school. All players who DO NOT live in the towns they represent must be clearly listed in their team roster, with the exception they are claiming (rec league participation, school participation). If the town the player lives in plans to field a team in her age division, the board will consider that town's position in deciding whether to allow this, and of course will also consider the family's reason for wanting the player to represent the team she has been rostered on. The commissioner will decide the issue, with the advice of the Competition Committee.

Rostering for 14U and High School is less restricted.  High school teams may include all girls of HS age - including outgoing seniors - and ought normally consist of girls attending that HS. However, broad exceptions will be allowed to encourage more teams to take part. For example, if a girl wants to play with a HS team, but her HS is not fielding a team in the D2 Parkway League, the team may apply for an exception, which will routinely be granted. If 14U and/or HS teams need to combine to field a team, that will usually be allowed.

We still need to front-load the schedule, to make sure all the games get played, and to leave breathing room for rain make ups near the end. So teams might well get three games in certain weeks, particularly early on, and particularly if they have asked for blackout dates early in the season. The high school schedule will start one week later, and will not be front loaded.

201 Divisional Directors
8U: Brian Cantagallo
10U:Evan Ziccardi
12U:Tony Borg
14U: Jay Bharatiya
HS: Dave Garaban

About District 2 Parkway League

The Parkway League is the premier youth fast pitch summer league for Recreation All-Star teams in Union, Essex, Morris and Middlesex counties. There is a 10-game regular season beginning in June and culminating in championship playoffs in late July. There are 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and High School divisions. The league has existed for more than 30 years, and annually draws more than 100 teams total. The District 2 Board, advised by the communities that take part in the league, acts as the administrator for the league.

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